Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans (VRSP)

Respectez-vous la loi?

Our experts will inform you and guide you in the implementation of a Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan.

Quebec’s National assembly adopted Bill 39 regarding Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans (VRSP) several years ago. These new plans should allow all workers of the province to have access to a retirement savings plan.

Did you know? Businesses targeted by Bill 39 are obligated to offer an VRSP to their employees.

The deadline for respecting this obligation differs based on your business’s size:

  • 20 targeted* employees or more → the business must offer a VRSP within 30 months (by December 31, 2016)
  • 10 to 19 targeted employees→ no later than December 1, 2017
  • 5 to 9 targeted employees→ after January 1, 2018, if the government deems it necessary

*“Targeted employees” are employees aged 18 years and over who work on a part-time or full-time basis for their employer. They work in Quebec, or work outside of Quebec but reside in Quebec. They have at least one year of continuous service and currently have no other employer group savings plan for which payroll deductions can be made.


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