Your group insurance plan

Is it adapted to changes in the healthcare network?

Quebec’s health system is constantly evolving: introduction of new drugs, changes in treatments, and access to the public health network. It is therefore important to make your private plan’s parameters adjust to the many changes in the public plan.

If your business’s insurance plan is not adapted to these changes, you risk:

1. Paying too much for your insurance

  • Changes to the law concerning the reimbursement of generic products by private plans → if you still do not have a clause for reimbursement based on the cost of the least costly generic drug, you are paying too much for the drug coverage of your plan.

  • The government of Quebec has announced its intention to reimburse ultrasounds → your plan will have to be modified to no longer reimburse this service anymore.

  • New hospitals are being built with private rooms only → these hospitals could still charge you hospitalization fees if you do not modify your plan.

 2. Waiting too long to receive your diagnosis

  • If you haven’t updated the reimbursement parameters for diagnostic procedures, your employees may have to wait too long for their diagnosis, and treatment.


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