Strategic planning and grant programs

Ensure your organization’s growth and longevity with essential management tools such as strategic planning, management support and support with obtaining government interest free loans or grants.


Strategic planning is not strictly for large companies with hundreds or even thousands of employees. Strategic planning is often overlooked by SMEs and it is an essential management tool for the growth and longevity of any organization.

Our partner, PDG Stratégique, becomes responsible for the entire process of developing strategic planning (assessment and action plan).

In addition to strategic planning, PDG Stratégique’s experts also offer the following services:

  • Management support;
  • Support with obtaining government interest free loans or grants;

  • Implementation of a personalized internal communications process;

  • External communications.


  • PDG Stratégique knows and understands the political-administrative mechanisms of the various levels of government;
  •  Establishment of the list of governmental aid programs;

  • Deployment of a strategy to maximize eligibility for programs.

Consulting firm specialized in strategic planning, development of organizations, human resources and public and governmental communications/relations.