Your Workers Compesation bill

Are you paying the right price?

All employers who have at least one employee are obligated to pay contributions to the CNESST so that the employee is covered in case of an employment injury. Our experts will help you see clearly.

1. How can I be sure that I am paying the right contribution?

Employers contributions are calculated according to one of the three following pricing structures:

  • Employers contributing less than $5,000/year → Pricing based on the unit cost, that is, the cost for the business sector
  • Employers contributing between $5,000 and $320,000/year → Pricing based on the business’s workplace health and safety performance
  • Employers contributing more than $320,000/year → pricing based on the contribution retrospective plan

The employer must thus ensure that his classification is adequate: do his activities correspond to the unit in which the CNESST has placed him?

There are over 175 classification units and their rates vary greatly according to the sector and associated risks (from $.50 to close to $20 per $100 of payroll).

2. How can I take some control over my contributions?

The employer’s performance plays a crucial role as concerns the rate his contributions. Good experience will have a beneficial effect and bad experience will have the opposite effect. As with all other forms of insurance, claims against the employer will influence his premiums, this for a 4-year period.

Here are some features to implement in your business:

  • Promote workplace accident prevention
  • Promote return to work and job retention
  • Implement mechanisms such as temporary assignments and rehabilitation
  • Join a prevention mutual

Businesses with these features will be rewarded for their efforts: their contribution will be better controlled and their workers will work under safe and respectful conditions. Experience has also shown us that these businesses perform better.


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